Research Centre for English and Applied Linguistics (RCEAL)

Dr Napoleon Katsos

Photo of Dr Napoleon Katsos I am interested in how developmental and experimental research can inform theoretical linguistic inquiry and vice versa. My particular focus is in the area of semantics and pragmatics, especially in implicature, presupposition and quantification.

One of my main interests, which I am exploring in collaboration with Dorothy Bishop and Clara Andrés Roqueta, is the acquisition of quantification and informativeness by typically-developing children, as well as by children with Specific Language Impairment or Autistic Disorder. I am also interested in the acquisition of quantifiers crosslinguistically, as a member of COST Action A33 and COST Action ISO804.

If you would like to know more about this, see the relevant items on the projects page, and feel free to read some of my work. There you can also find information about other research interests, such as the on-line comprehension of implicatures (in collaboration with Richard Breheny and Heather Ferguson), and the acquisition of informativeness by very young children (in collaboration with Gerlind Grosse and Ira Noveck). Or you may want to read about work I am doing with Advaith Siddharthan investigating the psycholinguistic properties of different ways of expressing discourse relations.

Social Entrepreneurship and the Bilingualism Information Network in Cambridge

Research in linguistics has potentially far-reaching implications for policy-making, health, education and community life. Sometimes all that is missing to turn research into practice is the realisation that it is possible.

Together with colleagues across the university, we have launched the Bilingualism Information Network in Cambridge (BIN-C). The network aims to translate research in bilingualism into concrete suggestions for policy-makers, teachers, clinicians and parents. And in return, to inform researchers about bilingualism in its wider context in society.

In support of this effort, my colleagues and I have recently received a Social Entrepreneurship Catalyst Award from HEFCE and UnLtd.

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