Research Centre for English and Applied Linguistics (RCEAL)

MPhil in English and Applied Linguistics

The MPhil is a nine-month (three term) master's scheme taught in the Centre between October and June. The term dates for 2010-2011 are:

Michaelmas: 5 October - 3 December

Lent: 18 January - 18 March

Easter: 26 April - 17 June

This is an intellectually demanding course which provides a sound theoretical foundation for Applied Linguists. It is particularly intended for those who wish to go on to undertake research.

Participants on the MPhil should have a good first degree (first class or a good 2.1, or their equivalent). They must have a native or near-native command of English (a minimum score of 620 TOEFL and 7.5 for IELTS). The course will be particularly suitable for university lecturers, teacher trainers, and experienced language teachers who wish to develop their ability to undertake research into English and language learning. The course is widely recognised internationally as a professional qualification for teachers of English as a second language. The number of participants on the course will be restricted. There are normally no more than 15 participants in any year, many of whom will be non-native speakers of English.

See the following for details of the course structure and facilities available to MPhil students: